Exited Investments


Sanitas AB 

Invested in 2003
Sold in 2011

In 2003 Baltvesta, together with its partner Invalda AB, acquired a controlling stake in the producer of generic medicines – Sanitas AB. The company's management was reorganised by hiring a new team of managers, introducing the certificate of good manufacturing practice and building a new plant in Kaunas in line with global standards. Active development both organically and through acquisitions in Lithuania (Endokrininiai Preparatai), Poland (Jelfa, Homeofarm) and Slovakia (Hoechst-Biotika), allowed Sanitas to become well established in the Eastern and Central European markets.

In 2011, Sanitas was sold to the Canadian pharmaceutical company Valeant Pharmaceuticals International. At the time of the sale, the Sanitas enterprise value was estimated at 365 million euro. This was the deal with the highest value in the Baltic States in 2011.



Sold property:

- Building at Maironio g., Kaunas, Lithuania. 1.3 thousand sq. m. of office premises;
- Building at Ukmergės g., Vilnius, Lithuania. 6 thousand sq. m. of office premises.



Credit Plus Georgia, JSC

Invested in 2009
Sold in 2018

In 2009 Baltvesta along with its partners invested in a microfinance business, whose loan portfolio was later on sold to JSC Credo Bank, Georgia in 2018.